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Solar Panel Analysis & Features

The renewable energy sector has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. There is a lot of scope for the expansion of this sector in the future also. Solar energy is also the biggest contributor to renewable energy. There is no better alternative than solar energy to meet the increasing demand for electricity worldwide. The solar system is a group of all the components that are used to generate electricity from solar power. There are three types of solar systems, off-grid, on-grid, and hybrid. There are mainly four to five components in the solar system. All these components have important functions in the solar system.

  • Panel  
  • Solar inverter
  • Charge controller
  • Solar battery wire
  • Combiner box


 Recently, due to the interruption in the supply of coal around the world, almost every type of business has been affected. Electricity use in homes has more than doubled in the last decade. Apart from this, people also have to face a lot of problems due to frequent 'power cuts' in small towns. You will not face any such problems after installing a solar system. 


Affordable Solar System: 

You will be surprised to know that while the electricity prices in the country are constantly skyrocketing, on the other hand, the prices of solar systems are falling year after year. The reason for this is that, due to the increasing demand for solar systems, its manufacturers are producing the cheapest solar panels in Perth to provide the most affordable solar systems. As a result, the prices of solar systems are seeing a decline. The cost of solar panels in Perth depends on the volume and type of the solar panels you wish to buy.

24-Hour Power Supply: 

In many small towns, these cuts continue for several hours due to a lack of control over power companies. After installing the solar system, you will get completely rid of this problem. These panels, once charged, can comfortably be used for a few days of normal home use, so you don't need to suffer these cuts anymore.


Before you buy a solar system, make sure you know how much load is required to run the desired solar system. To find out the load of all your equipment that you want to run on the solar system, add up the load of all those devices, such as:-


  • 2 ceiling fans = 160 watts (80+80 watts).
  • 5 CFLs = 100 watts (20 watts per light)
  • 1 tonne of air conditioning equals 1200 watts
  • 32-inch LED TV = 50 watts
  • Total = 160 + 100 + 1200 + 50 = 1510 Watts (1.5 KW) (Approximate)


 If you want to run a 1510 watt load on a solar system, then for this you have to install at least a 2000 watt solar system. But if you install an off-grid solar system, then you will also need the power to charge the battery in it. That's why you have to install a bigger solar system than 2000 watts. Because when you run the load on the solar system, then the battery will also be charged at that time. This has to be done so that when the supply from the solar panel stops, then your equipment starts running on the battery. So you have to install at least a 2.5 KW off-grid solar system.  

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