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Perth best solar company uses renewable resources for energy production.

The sun gives us light for about 300 days, which has a lot of energy. The energy coming from the sun is collected on a device made of silicon cells, and the sunlight is converted into electricity. That energy is called solar energy.

Today, we often see solar panels installed at various places. Before you buy a solar panel from an Australian solar company, understand the whole concept. Due to the benefits of solar panels, we are experiencing a huge demand for the same. We use the solar energy received from the sun in different ways with different types of devices. Sunlight contains photons, and when sunlight falls on a solar panel, the PV cells, or photovoltaic cells, in the solar panel convert the photons present in sunlight into electrons for DC current. PV cells reach through the inverter, which converts DC to AC, which we can use.

A solar panel is a group of many photovoltaic cells. This photovoltaic cell is arranged on a plate by joining them in series and in parallel order. And on top of that, a glass casing is there to protect cells from the effects of the external environment and water. A photovoltaic cell gives a very small amount of voltage. But when a lot of cells are connected in series and parallel order, the voltage value increases.

The working principle of a photovoltaic cell

Photovoltaic cells are made of semiconductor material. Semiconductor materials in nature are substances that absorb photons of solar light from the sun. A semiconductor material called SiO2 is used in photovoltaic cells. Although this semiconductor material is found in abundance in sand, when it comes to extracting it from sand, it becomes expensive. You can find top solar companies in Perth to buy the best suited solar panel for your home or office.

Types of solar panels:

Monocrystalline solar panel

It is made of a single crystal of silicon and one of these cells is made. It uses the purest amount of silicon. This is why the colour of the monocrystalline solar panel is very dark black. It is made from a single crystal. As a result, it is also known as a "single crystal solar panel."The loss of silicon due to forming a single crystal is relatively high. That is why the price of this panel is a bit higher than other panels. This type of solar panel has good efficiency. And these panels are long lasting.

Polycrystalline solar panel

As we read in Mono Crystal Solar Panel, it uses a single type of silicon crystal. But in polycrystalline, as the name suggests, different types of silicon crystals are used. In this, different types of silicon crystals are melted at a high temperature and moulded into a rectangular mould. And this is how the sheet of the cell is prepared. There is no possibility of loss of silicon crystal.

Thin film solar panel

As the name suggests, this type of solar panel is made very thin so that it remains flexible. A frame is not required for this panel because it needs to be flexible. These panels are light and fit any size. It has relatively low efficiency. Combine 60 or 72 or 96 cells in a normal panel. But thin film solar panels come in different sizes as per requirement.

Passivated emitter and rear cell or PERC panel, is an updated version of the monocrystalline solar panel. To make the monocrystalline solar panel more efficient, a layer of inert material is applied on the back of the cell of this panel. This is called a PERC solar panel.

There are two main types of solar systems installed in your home or in a small business location..

On grid solar system.

There is no need for solar batteries in this type of solar system. Such solar systems are installed where the problem of reduction in grid power is rarely seen. The main purpose of installing this on grid solar system is to reduce the electricity bill of the customers. It is interconnected to the grid solar system. When it is daytime, the customer takes power from the solar panels. And the extra power that is saved after taking the appropriate power is sent to the power grid. Therefore, two types of metres are installed in it. One metre represents the unit spent by the grid and the other energy metre represents the unit taken back by the solar system during the day. In this way, we see that the customer's overall electricity cost is very low. Sometimes customers even say that the electricity bill is zero.

Offgrid solar system

This type of solar system has no connection to the power grid. It requires solar panels, solar batteries, and solar inverters. During the day, we charge the home power supply as well as the battery through solar panels. So, with the help of a solar panel during the day, we can charge the battery and use it at night.

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