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Top Solar companies in Australia

Top Solar companies in Australia


If you are planning to install solar panels to reduce your electricity bill and wonder what kind of maintenance a solar system requires, then this article is for you. Every solar plant requires two types of maintenance. One is to replace components that are not working or performing well, and the other is to clean the solar panels. Reliable Australian solar companies provides high- standard of components for durability.


We will first look at the list of components that you may have to replace after a specific period or it may cost you future money. 


 (Solar Panel Maintenance): 

Grid Tied or On Grid Solar System mainly consists of the following components Solar Panel, Solar Inverter, Mounting Structure, AC Cable, DC Cable, AC and DC Distribution Box, Monitoring System, Lightning Arrester, and earthing.

Warranty Break-up of the components 


Solar panels costing up to 70% of the total project cost have a performance warranty of 25 years, which means that if solar panel production falls below 80% of present value in 25 years, the solar panel can be sold as an OEM (Original equipment manufacturer). When it comes to the number of panels required in Australia, the typical 5kW solar system consisting of 15–20 panels is sufficient enough to power the average Australian house.Solar panels also come with a 10-year manufacturing warranty, which ensures that if there is a defect in the solar cell or the frame is damaged, it will be replaced by an OEM one. It is important to take note that you should buy solar panels from one of thereputed solar companies.


The solar inverter has a 5-year warranty and should work for 10–15 years without maintenance. So you may have to replace your solar inverter once every 10 years. 


AC and DC cables have a warranty of 15 years and easily last up to 25 years, so there is no need to worry about the cables. 


The second big component is the mounting structure. The mounting structure will rust over time, so you will have to repaint it and also replace some nuts and bolts so that your solar panels don't blow away in the monsoons. The best tip for this would be to go with galvanised iron with at least an 80-micron coating or opt for an aluminium structure. Both are good and require little maintenance.


Apart from this, no component needs to be either repaired or replaced in 25 years. If you have an on-grid or net metering solar system, the only major cost you will have to bear is to replace the solar inverter. This too will come after 10 years of operation. A typical 6.6kW system can save you $300–$500 on your quarterly bill. Now that we're done with the most expensive part of solar plant maintenance, let's look at the part that often has to be done and is the cheapest, cleaning the solar panels.


 Cleaning of Solar Panels: 

The frequency of cleaning solar panels completely depends on the accumulation of dust on the solar panels. If there is a lot of dust, smoke, and smog in your area, then you may have to clean your solar panel once a month, but if you live in an area where the air is clean, then quarterly cleaning of your solar panel will also be fine. All you have to do is be aware of the best solar companies in Australia.


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